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We solve your webmastering dilemma with our unique banner size.

Sci-Fi 100 Banner is a unique banner exchange network open to web sites which are within the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror genres (plus RPG's). The service is free and helps the Sci-Fi webmaster tell like minded individuals about his/her site. We offer a display ratio of 2:1. That is, for every two banner displays on your web site you will receive one display on somebody else's web site. The remaining banner ad displays are either sold to pay for the banner exchange service or used for promoting the banner exchange. You are not charged. All you need is a sci-fi web site and a banner.

How many banners can you fit on your page?

Our goal is not to compete with other full sized Sci-Fi exchanges, but to complement them.  Besides you are going to join them anyway.  Our banner size is different from most other banner exchanges.   We decided that only a few full sized 486x60 banners from other exchanges fit on each page of most web sites.  Our unique 100 x 100 banner, as seen on the left, fits into many web page styles.  So we encourage you to join as many full-sized SF/F banner exchanges as you want and then come to us, so you can tastefully fit in our 100 x 100 banner exchange into your pages.  We fit perfectly on the side navigation margin like you see on the left.  Plus our banners can often fit into web sites using frames.  Webmasters: we are the solution to fitting banners on your page.

Sci-Fi 100 Banner Requirements:

1. Banner Size: 100 x 100 GIF and 12 KB or less.  Animated banners are accepted.
2. Your banner cannot contain any nudity or foul language.
3. We do not accept: Adult, hate, racist, sites or sites promoting violence, illegal activities or Spamming.
4. We reserve the right to cancel any account at any time.
5. Your site must be science fiction, fantasy and/or horror related in content.

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Need a banner?  We highly recommend High Power Graphics:

If you want to get rolling right away we have a few very simple banner blanks available here.  

FREE BANNER - LIMITED TIME OFFER: If you really need a 100x100 banner we will be happy to make one for you.  E-mail us and give us the following information: the URL of your site; background color, text color, and what you would like the banner to say.  Limit one per customer/website.  Note: These will be simple banners designed to get you started, if you want something professional then we recommend one of the pro banner makers on our links page.  Thank you.

Science Fiction Banner
Science Fiction Banner